Writing includes spelling, dictation and on the spot in-class quizzes.



Grammar (very comprehensive)

The over-all general curriculum is very comprehensive in nature.
It is organized in a rational, logical, systematic, highly sequenced manner.

Story writing/Story telling/Speech presentations

Opinions/Discussion/Free conversation

on selected topics and/or current events.
These are guided and moderated by the teacher.

Twice/month, 2.5 hour open-forum discussions.

9 different levels, for students studying with a longer timeline perspective.
Advanced: A1 A2 A3
Intermediate: I1 I2 I3
Beginner: B1 B2 B3


The teacher moderates the final 30 minutes of open dialogue at the end of each class.


All incoming students are level checked.
At the end of each term, whether it be a 3-month term or an intensive course offered on shorter timelines, students are once again level checked.


Every attempt is made to place students in a class suited to their level.


For French,
scheduling is designed when 6-12 students have enrolled for the same session.

*Standard Option:
Every attempt is made to place the student in a class suited to his or her level.

9 different levels exist.
This is important to know, for 2 reasons:
1, the student can feel comfortable in knowing he/she will be placed in a suitable class based on his/her current level.
2, the student can feel confident in knowing there is an objective progression in place if he/she desires to study and enroll on long timelines.

In other words, with the 9 level system, if a student entered at level 3, as an example, he/she could aim to improve until reaching level 9.  After graduating from level 9, the student will no longer need me as his/her teacher.  The rest will depend on the student, personal diligence, and however high he/she wishes to go given his/her intelligence level, focus level, natural ability, talent, joy for learning, and so forth.

This system is very intensive as well, since the only way I know how to teach is intensively.  I want students to get high value for their money, period.  Quality teaching is guaranteed. If progress is not being made at a satisfactory pace, then a meeting will take place between the student and top management to discuss the matter.  All efforts are made to assist the student to reach his/her goal(s).


For specific tailor designed courses, modules are made to meet or exceed the requests of the client(s).  For example, when the client desires an industry specific module to be designed for either overseas travel or overseas assignments, to help improve productivity in the language and work setting overseas, this service is offered.  It is tailored to the present language proficiency of the students.

Specific target setting will be explicitly outlinedand the methods {‘means’ (ref., Aristotle), methodology, processes} of reaching those targets {‘ends’ (ref., Aristotle)} will be shared with the client(s).

University Students

Tailor designed courses are also available for university students.

  • Do you want to study overseas?
  • Do you want to work overseas in the future?
  • Do you have a language proficiency exam coming up?
  • Do you need to improve your language proficiency test scores?
  • Are you considering doing under-graduate or graduate studies overseas?
  • Perhaps you are thinking of going overseas for a home-stay?
  • Maybe you are wishing to travel abroad on a work-holiday visa and wish to improve your foreign language skills before the departure date?
  • Do you wish to enter the marketplace, after graduating from university, with improved probability of getting a potentially satisfying job?
  • Perhaps you are intrinsically motivated to learn and are in the business of always improving yourself, following a path of continuous self-improvement and life-long learning?
  • Maybe you simply wish to learn English because you enjoy doing so, for no other reason than the pure inherent joy of learning English?

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