3-month term= Yen 94,500/per student

1 month= Yen 31,500/per student

If it is a 2 month term, then multiply by 2= Yen 63,000/per student

If a 3 month term, then multiply by 3= Yen 94,500

No sign up fees, no registration fees, only tuition fees.


By 1 month, it is understood by both management and the students that 4 classes are offered within the context of ‘one month’.  Therefore, since 1 class/week= 2.5 hours/week, it then follows that 4 classes/month= 10 hours of class time/month.  Given there are national holidays, it is understood that ‘one month’ means 4 classes.  While every effort is made to follow a calendar month, it does happen that some months go into the first week of the following ‘month’ depending on which days national holidays and so forth land on.  One month, for the purposes of this school, is understood to mean 4 weeks=4 classes.


Fridays are available for consultation and on 2 Fridays/month there are open forum discussions lasting 2.5 hours/each.  Tuition fees include consultation, open forum discussions, and class times.


Open forum discussion times are announced in class, as these times are flexible.  Class times, however, are fixed.

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