Admission Requirements

a.  Contact the school expressing a desire to study and enroll.

b.  We will arrange an interview for you.

c.  Level check.

d. Review what the curriculum entails in terms of general lay-out and what the student can expect to have covered during the 3 month session.

e. If accepted, pay the tuition fees at the beginning of the 3 month session.



You must be motivated, have a good energy level, be focused, show up, do your homework, enjoy learning, and be committed, consistent, hard working and disciplined, to follow the pace of my classes.  If you are a good student and focused, there should not be a problem.  If you are not sharp, not focused, not consistent, don’t apply yourself, don’t do your homework, you will simply not keep up to the pace of my lessons.  If you are accepted, show up FOCUSED.  (it is one of my favorite words)  And of course, focused with a smile is even better.  It is possible to have lots of fun, while being focused, disciplined, hard working, and moving along at a fast pace with a high learning curve being present.

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